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What we do

  1. discuss your situation and your goals

  2. assess workflow options

  3. develop a roadmap to enable you to meet or exceed your goals

  4. Outline detailed tactical plans

  5. work alongside and educate you / your staff on how to successfully complete the plans

  6. assess outcomes


Along the way we

  1. provide real solutions to you and your complex business challenges

  2. deliver results so you meet your goals

  3. embrace the uniqueness of your company culture

  4. streamline your workflows

  5. foster teamwork and collaboration

  6. help key employees maximize their effectiveness

  7. provide remarkable customer service and communication

  8. improve and expand your fundraising efforts


How we work

We're super flexible and are comfortable working both as typical consultants or as outsourced skilled professionals. It is all determined by your needs. You decide how long to retain us, how often we need to be on-site, which areas you want us to work on. Then we work alongside you on your mission critical projects such as outcomes assessments, strategic planning, fundraising, board development, organization transformation, data mining, finance, etc.

Depending on the type and length of the engagement we can work either on time and materials or by monthly retainer.

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